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5G and Public Management: Opportunities and Challenges


The emerging information and communication technology represented by 5G technology will have a profound and extensive impact on the social economy and public management. Based on the characteristics of 5G technology and a large number of concrete cases in real life, this paper holds that the application of 5G technology provides new means for the supply of public management, promotes the transformation of the comprehensive social governance model, builds an online power operation mechanism and thus provides strong support for improving the transparency of supervision and regulating the operation of power. At the same time, the application of 5G technology also presents certain challenges to public management, especially the lack of normative constraints in the process of public management, risks of an “information-isolated island” effect ,information security problems in the process of communication and sharing, and lack of operative technology and understanding of 5G technology application. In the conclusion, this paper argues that the public management body should fully recognise and evaluate the opportunities and challenges brought by 5G technology, make full use of its advantages, and make full preparations for its potential risks and challenges.


5G, opportunities, challenges, 4IR