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Editorial Team

Editorial board

The Scientific Committee (PRAC) of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) fulfills the role of editorial board.


  • Hideaki Shiroyama (The University of Tokyo), Chairperson of the Scientific Committee (PRAC)

Deputy editors:

  • Purshottama Sivanarain Reddy (University of KwaZulu-Natal), Vice-Chairperson of the Scientific Committee (PRAC)
  • Paul Joyce (University of Birmingham), Director of Publications
  • Andrew Massey (King's College London), IRAS Editor-in-Chief


  • Tamer Karmout (Doha Institute for Graduate Studies), Scientific Committee (PRAC) Member
  • Juraj Nemec (Masaryk University), Scientific Committee (PRAC) Member
  • Diana Vicher (Instituto Nacional de Administración Pública), Scientific Committee (PRAC) Member
  • Liu Hong (Nanyang Technological University), Scientific Committee (PRAC) Member
  • Edoardo Ongaro (Open University), Scientific Committee (PRAC) Member
  • Manchuan Wang (China Society of Administrative Reform), Scientific Committee (PRAC) Member
  • Eva Kovács (National Public Service University), Scientific Committee (PRAC) Member
  • Zhiyong Gerald Lan (Arizona State University), Scientific Committee (PRAC) Observer
  • Shri S N Tripathi (Indian Institute of Public Administration), Scientific Committee (PRAC) Observer
  • Ra'ed Mohammed BenShams (Ministry of Cabinet Affairs), IIAS President
  • Jörg Bogumil (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Chairperson of the Finance Committee
  • Najat Zarrouk (United Cities and Local Governments Africa), IASIA President
  • Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans (Sciences Po Toulouse), EGPA President
  • Ruben Echeverry (Universidad del Valle), LAGPA President
  • Eko Prasojo (Universitas Indonesia), AGPA President
  • Sofiane Sahraoui, IIAS Director General
  • Fabienne Maron, IIAS Scientific Director

Managing Editor

  • Steve Troupin, International Institute of Administrative Sciences, Belgium