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Water Risk Management of Hanoi Urban Environment towards 2030’s Sustainable Urban Spatial Development


The process of population growth and “uncontrolled” urbanization has led to a "loose" management by the government of Hanoi, and lack of proper care on surface water resource and water environment as well as the orientation for sustainable spatial development of Hanoi urban region and its community-based participants at the long-term vision. Therefore, the urgent duties now are to have management measures, specific solution groups to regulate the activities of surface water risk management of Hanoi urban environment towards the related-target group of three rivers runing through Hanoi urban region in order to achive the 2030’s sustainable development goals. Based on the DPSIR’s research framework (Driving force - Pressure - Status - Impact - Response), the results of this study are to propose a model of public-private partnership for the management of Hanoi urban settlement resiliencing to the environmental changes, as a pilot initiative from a case study in Hanoi. 


risk management, urban environment, public-private partnership, spatial development, hanoi